Why Nilkanth

The art of steel making is a magnificent passion. And for near a decade, we have been honing our skills to become the perfect steel artisan. A status that is based on our ability to recognize and meet the needs of the growing steel market. Since our inception, we have been attentively sharpening our competitive edge by proactively responding to our customers needs As a result of liberal initiatives, we were the first to manufacture TMT Bars in Gujarat with Billets, giving the Indian Construction Industry a much-needed thrust.

Living in an era of cut-throat competition among formidable competitors we have built our strength through sustaining our focus on market-leading products. In the year ahead and the ones to follow we will further our efforts to expand our competitive position by moving closer to our customers and expanding our presence to global shores

In the year ahead our focus would be to sustain growth and we will do our utmost to further establish a profit-maximization philosophy through cost reduction and bold restructuring of uncompetitive and non-core sectors, while strengthening our balance sheet with operations generated cash flow. We also firmly intend to progress forward with our management strategy which primarily includes completing the ongoing expansion plans. Together with the support of our esteemed customers and tough resolve we aim for a Strong, Resurgent and Focused Nilkanth Steel”

Properties Nilkhanth TMT Duplicate TMT CTD bars /TOR Main Producers
Strength High(Grade Fe 415/500/500D and CRS is easily available) Lower then CTD/TOR AVG(Normally up to EF415 grade) High(Grade Fe 415/500 is easily available)
Elongation High;18-25% in all grade's Non standard Approx 14.5% High
Weldability Better & More Strength Very weak Weak Better & More Strength
Formability Excellent due to uniform elongation Non Standard Average Excellent due to uniform elongation
Technology - Unscientific Methods Indian -
Durability & Fatigue Strength Most appropriate for earthquake phone areas Non Standard Average High
Corrosion Resistance High Very Low Low High
Savings 8-15% Compared to CTD bars / Main Producers Very High steel Consumption due to unscientific methods Nil No saving due to higher prices
Availability Easily available through network Non Consistent Available Irregular supply
Price Much lower than main producer for the same quality Very cheap due to low quality Cheap due to outdated technology Very high price for the same quality


Process driven development as per ISO 9001:2008 guidlines.


Out products are 100% tested before it reaches you.


We Assure delivery within a time.

Nilkanth Concast Pvt Ltd

Nilkanth Group is one of the largest manufacturers of international quality steel bars in India as per IS: 1786-1985. Nilkanth Concast Pvt Ltd, the flagship company of the group has the prestigious ISO 9001:2000 certification, manufacturing “Nilkanth TMT”. Nilkanth Concast Pvt Ltd is the first integrated steel plant set up in Gujarat to start production of TMT Bars from Billets. Our hard working and dedicated approach has helped us to emerge as one of the major manufacturers in the industry. The Company is lead by energetic Director with vast knowledge of steel industry and is well supported by our qualified staff and experienced labor. The production plant is equipped with modern production equipment, testing and quality assurance facilities and employs a dedicated team to ensure quality products to the discerning buyer.

CMD’s Vision

Today as we have entered into the 21th century, we find ourselves in a middle of excellent business opportunities along with throatcut competition. With the new concept of "Make In India" marks a new becoming of our resources as how we can make, the most if it. The demand for steel and its products are ever increasing. With proper channelling of our resources we tend to provide the best product for our esteemed clients.

The margin for any deviation/error will decrease the popularity of the products that we make and present to the market. These devaitions to us is a challenge, a never ending process. We intend to give the best grade products. These best grade products are dervied by our ever energetic qualified staff team, its subordinates and most importantly the experienced Labour. By the combination of Manpower and State of the art Modern production methods we provide excellent steels work. These products are further tested to as to withstand various safety factors, before it even reaches you.

Some Happy Clients

Our Product

  • All
  • Sponge Iron
  • MS Billets
  • TMT Bars / CRS Bars
  • Angles & Channels

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Our quality policy is to supply products i.e. Sponge Iron, M.S. Billets and TMT Bars as per customer specifications following business ethics. We determine to strive continuously to achieve more and more customer satisfaction by motivating our work force & proper utilization of resources.

We are also commited to implement and maintain our quality management system as per ISO 9001 : 2000 & ISI standard and continually improve the same in all areas of our operation as well as development for our employees.